Safety Committee

The CLC is committed to promoting safety in the construction industry in West Virginia.  The CLC’s Safety committee was formed to further this purpose. Below is information concerning, among other things, the Safety Committee’s mission, purpose and goals. 

MISSION STATEMENT:  Promote best practice safety for all heavy and highway construction in the state of West Virginia

PURPOSE STATEMENT:  To enhance job safety by promoting safe working conditions, and safe working practices and providing safety and health education and seminars in all aspects of on-the-job safety.


  • Determine potential training needs of all members concerning compliance with OSHA standards and educate contractors on new OSHA regulations
  • Create procedure for implementation of OSHA regulation in the field
  • Create a list of the top 10 OSHA citations
  • Create a pre-job safety analysis to give guidance for use on site in a changing environment
  • Create levels of expectation for employees call out of union halls
  • Create a network of communication
  • Create a list of frequently Asked Questions
  • Create a list of incentives for contractor participation in the committee, i.e., receive a percentage off for purchase of safety related items from local supplier

Safety Committee information is available to CLC members.  You may obtain this information by contacting Mary Prim at